Channel Manager Proximus Pickx Plus - Wallonia (VERVULD)

For our client Proximus Media House in Belgium, we are looking for a Channel Manager Pickx / Pickx Plus for the Wallonia (French speaking) part of Belgium.
Broadcasting - RTV
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Functie omschrijving Channel Manager Proximus Pickx Plus - Wallonia (VERVULD)

For our client Proximus Media House in Belgium, we are looking for a Channel Manager Pickx / Pickx Plus for the Wallonia (French speaking) part of Belgium.

Pickx Plus is the premium entertainment content channel operated by Proximus, with programs like The Drew Barrymore Show, Ramy’, ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, The Bold and the Beautiful, talkshows, films, sports, etc.

You are responsible for the whole channel, the flow, the scheduling and programming and the look and feel. Content is acquired centrally, where you decentrally give advice for the Wallonia market. When local TV-programs are produced, you take care of production, and keep track of budgets.

In your team you work together with a program-manager, scheduler and funnel-manager. Together with the Channel Manager Flanders you report to the Director TV.

Main tasks

As Channel Manager FR, you are responsible for the end to end delivery of the new premium TV content product (linear & non-linear) edited by PMH on behalf of Proximus Group.

You ensure the Product match with content strategy, compliance with editorial and business positioning and define programming and scheduling on linear and non-linear within budget, yearly to daily. You steer the executive production of the original programs and shows constitutive of your Product. You also make sure your overall Products execution quality is up to PMH standards, follow-up and enable its promotion and communication.

Overall themes you deal with include (non-limited to): sports, movies, series, music, documentaries, cultural content, cultural and entertainment information, fiction, non-fiction.

Your main responsibilities are:

1. Steer your Products edition by

  • following-up KPIs and reaching to objectives achievements, with an impact-seeking mindset
  • articulate market requirements and opportunities as well as identify consumption trends
  • Manage your Products editorial roadmap, yearly to weekly

2. Edit your Products, linear and non-linear, for French-speaking Belgian target, by

  • Building strong linear grids and defining recurring slots, nature and type of programs to schedule and considering seasonality, market viewing habits and local Production relevant opportunities
  • Allocating budget to fill the grids and publish non-linear programs
  • Define and supervise own Productions, complying with Product positioning, promise, Editorial line, tone of voice all the way to delivery
  • Define themes, guest choices, editorial speak-up and manage editorial schedule together with your colleagues and team
  • Manage the funnelling of your Products’ editorial value from clients to prospects
  • Checking and making sure look & feel guidelines are respected, branding is correct, overall quality reflects positioning, execution is up to the standards defined by management and yourself

3. Supervise the operational delivery of your Product, by

  • Ensuring continuity of broadcasts and publications
  • Operationally supervise scheduling and operations, from macro to micro
  • Make sure relevant data collection process is operationally enabled

4. Enable and support communication about your Products by ensuring materials delivery to relevant stakeholders, follow-up press and media coverage and checking viewers engagement and feedbacks

Functie eisen Channel Manager Proximus Pickx Plus - Wallonia (VERVULD)

Required qualifications

  • Experience: 10-15 years
  • Your ethics are high, you embody transparency and honesty, speak the truth and always place your company’s interests before your own. You can manage politics and relevantly appreciate your field of activity as well as stakeholders power map. You make recommendations to your management based on strategic, pragmatic and greater-good oriented thinking, taking objectively every factor into consideration.
  • Strategic thinking as well as pragmatic decision-maker, ability to translate a global strategy into tangible action plan considering budgets, means, resources and other constraints.
  • Previous experiences on cultural services or goods Products Management or related experience are a must. Marketing experience in media company, film distribution, broadcasting companies is mandatory.
  • TV production experience in a Belgian broadcast and/or production company
  • Strong knowledge of the francophone TV landscape
  • Hands-on and can-do mindset: ability to identify room for improvement in day to day practices, speak up and deploy initiative in proposing solutions
  • Excellent communication skills and people-oriented
  • Proficient in at least two of the following languages: NL/EN/FR


Please send your CV and motivation to before August 14, or call Marc Teuwsen at +31 6 51615441 for more information.
Channel Manager Proximus Pickx Plus - Wallonia (VERVULD)
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